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Protecting PRO ESCROW, INC Client’s Interests 

PRO ESCROW, INC is licensed by the Washington State Department of Financial Institution, licensed, bonded and approved by Financial Lenders nationwide.

Our clients can rest assured that our high standard of care and professionalism protects their best interests when working with PRO ESCROW, INC!

Vetted Escrow Agent
PRO ESCROW, INC.  is an approved and vetted escrow closing agent.

Secure Settlements, Inc. is the first company to offer a standardized risk management process and information database of fully vetted mortgage closing professionals, which protect both consumers and lenders – reducing fraud and ensuring that federal requirements are met.

Secure Settlements meets all risk management requirements for third-party vetting of vendor relationships, as outlined by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


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 Protecting Our Client’s Interests…

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Phone: 425-348-6100
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Residential, Vacant Land, Mobile Homes, REO, Mobile Homes, VA, FHA, RHS, Commercial (excl. business opportunity) Private Notes and Deeds of Trust

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Pro Escrow Inc understands that long term success is about MORE than just closing the deal. It's establishing relationships with our clients. We take pride in delivering quality services at a competitive rate.